Use of Dating Apps and sites are on the increase. Given the busy world we live in and the time it takes to meet and get to know prospective partner, doing it online scores well for all ages.

On line, dating is a bit of an abyss and while a lot can go wrong, there is also a lot of fun to enjoy.

The first question for both men and women is what is it you actually seek? Some may want a life-long partner, while others a casual date or diversion for a while, especially if recovering from a relationship break-down. This is what defines the way we use the Dating App. In 2015, there were 91 million people using dating sites worldwide. Two out of three international users are men, and seven out of ten users are between 16 and 24 years old. There is a lot of competition for men out there.

Let’s assume both genders are now looking for a partner. What dating site or app do they choose because we certainly do not want to appear desperate. Do your research and find the best site, as there are so many of them, that suits your demographic. Some are aimed at older singles, others younger while some are reserved for professionals. Decide on what site best suits your purpose then proceed to join and complete your profile. We always need to ensure our picture is authentic and not one taken 10 years earlier, as the information about us should be honest.

It is clear that women received many more responses than men which is interesting as men are usually complained about for not communicating. They certainly seem to step up when seeking a partner on these dating sites.

The approaches need to be different between genders, yet also similar. Both genders should be:

  1. Honest
  2. Have an authentic current picture
  3. Complete the profile leaving questions to be asked, we don’t want to tell them everything
  4. Have set criteria that you need in a person to save yourself time
  5. Broaden your criteria as many are variable with each person

Women are usually approached multiple times compared to a man so he needs a point of difference from the other males seeking responses.

  • Saying a little about yourself and asking mainly about her is good
  • Demonstrate you have read her profile completely and make notes to refer to in your conversations
  • Write individual messages, not cut and paste responses or questions
  • Withhold some information so that can be discussed at your meeting

Women can respond with almost any sort of information or question to intrigue a man and create interest. The fact she responded to him at all places her at the top of his list.

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The Dangers or Cons of “Instant Access” Dating

Women often become frustrated with the quality of responses from men. Men often have little idea of what to ask or how to approach a woman of interest to him. Competition is harder for men. As a man, your competition is fierce, given two-thirds of all users of dating sights are men.

The feeling of rejection is something that may occur with both genders. The fact is, it isn’t a rejection, it is usually a case of the fit may not have been as the other person wanted. This isn’t your fault, all it means is you are lucky to have not wasted your time on someone wanting different than you. You can now be free to concentrate on finding the person that does fit your criteria as you do there’s.

What is interesting in some of these dating sites is the time people take to make their profile and criteria. We spend more time selecting a new outfit or one to wear on a date than we often do thinking about what it is we really want and need in a future partner.

The danger of On-line dating

  • We are not assured what we expect is what we may meet and get
  • Profiles are not always completely accurate
  • Pictures are not always truthful (or the age the picture was taken at)
  • You are not able to determine if chemistry exists
  • You are yet to know their past history meaning what past relationship failures were due to

There are many scams out there drawing innocent people into divulging too much information and seeking to rob your bank account. These scammers are clever, professional and very experienced. They often use similar scripts and words to entice their next victim. Once you know their tricks, it is easier to pick them out and avoid their calls for love. My eBook Love Online – Learn if your online love is real or a scam. You can get your copy now Free.

Benefits of online dating

  • Set your criteria of whom you are seeking
  • Get a feel for the person responding to your profile
  • Can get to know them somewhat prior to the meeting
  • Selecting what you tell them as they can’t read body language on-line
  • Deciding if you wish to be pursued
  • Checking them out of Facebook before meeting to verify their story
  • Remaining safe until you feel comfortable

How Much Information is TOO Much Information to Share With a New Online Match? 

The most important part of completing a profile on any dating site is to set your criteria. While a certain look may appeal this should not be anywhere near your top priority.

Criteria are something we position high in our moral, values and ethical realm. These are the things that we gravitate to intrinsically regardless of the outside façade. It is the internal criteria that will attract us and keep us interested.

Setting a broad outline is fine, sharing basic information is also alright however sharing too much information needs to be avoided.

Good to share:

  • First name
  • Range (not specific) of age, size, weight, etc as are asked on some sites
  • Outline of work you do
  • You either do or do not have children
  • Your requirements in regards to your set criteria
  • The area you are located

What Not to share:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Where you work
  • What you do or organisation you work for
  • Names or ages of your children, in fact, no information on your children expect you may have some

If you do connect and agree to meet, choose a public place. Never allow your date to pick you up or travel to your home or workplace. After 2 or 3 dates I suggest asking to meet their friends.

Women need to be assured he is safe, single and a nice person before you start to share those private parts of your life. For men, this also applies although it is more the case of women needing to protect herself more than a man. Saying that women can stalk too, so just be slightly guarded in those early days.

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