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Karen assists clients to understand the reason behind the behaviour or emotion they experience and helps to guide the client in using another behaviour, thought or response to the problem; enabling a solution that is suitable. Relationship issues can greatly benefit from Counselling. Often there is a problem with the couple communicating. Regularly one party does not listen or understand their partner, resulting in relationship issues.

Karen is often on television discussing family and relationship issues, is regularly featured in many national newspapers and magazines and is regularly on Radio 2GB, 2UE plus other metropolitan stations discussing topical issues and where listeners call in for personal help.

Many couples have difficulty at times communicating. One partner may have acted in a way that unintentionally hurt the other person, leaving anger for one and guilt for the other. This can often lead to a shut down in communication. Counselling assists to open up the communication again and both parties learn to understand the actions of the other. Karen meets with couples to openly discuss issues without judgement to guide them towards a better outcome.

So many parents experience issues with their children’s behaviours. Karen explains that while parents in a hard job with just some adjustments to language and boundaries can enable the child to feel heard and parents to understand and re-guide their responses and behaviours.

The number of people now experiencing anxiety is increasing at an alarming rate. Karen not only consults with people in her rooms but also guides them if they are unable to attend, to use her Virtual Hypnotherapy session to Reduce their Anxiety. She believes people no longer need to suffer this debilitating effect as they can quickly learn to regain their control safely, fast and naturally.

You can contact Karen for Counselling issues to discuss your life direction, relationship or parenting problems. She is a communication specialist assisting and teaching ways to speak to others and hear the meaning of their words.

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