Fear of flying is relatively common and an issue that can often be dissolved quickly.

Many people avoid flying due to their fear, or flying phobia, as it has been so long since they have flown that the plane has grown into a monster in their mind. You imagine it as more frightening than it is. These fears we know are often illogical, yet we continue to have them.

The fear of flying is rooted in the loss of control and often from a past fearful experience. The fear initiates from somewhere before escalating over the years as our mind becomes convinced it is dangerous. It can also be hidden in our fear of not being in control.

Many who fearing flying strive to find ways to tolerate their distress regarding air travel. They do this rather than trying to make those feelings disappear altogether. Their goal is to learn how to tolerance their fear, to put up with it in the hope it will lessen. Usually, it doesn’t.

Some therapists work for weeks, months or even years using CBT with clients who struggle with this issue. However, if they knew about the strength and speed of hypnotherapy, their client could alleviate their fear almost immediately.

Our mind has created this issue; therefore, our mind is able to un-create it just the same, once we know how.  A key aspect of overcoming aviophobia, or fear of flying, is breaking things into small pieces after the hypnotherapy session reprograms the subconscious. This enables the mind to understand the fear is irrational. Hypnotherapy creates new thoughts, attitudes and feelings to allow the person to feel safe and in control when considering flying and when taking a flight. 

Once the fear starts to dissolve, it is followed by future pacing. Preparing for the day of the flight, checking in, getting through security checkpoints, walking to your gate, boarding the plane and taking off. All while remaining comfortable and in control. By using the minds own natural ability to reprogram itself with guided hypnosis, you are able to imagine, visualise and become accustomed to what getting on a plane comfortably can feel like. How relaxed flying can feel and how excited travel can become.

Take a Two-Phase Approach to Dissolve the Fear

1. The Virtual Hypnotherapy on-line session is a two-phase approach to aid anyone fearful of flying to dissolve this issue and generate comfort, safety and excitement to travel to their destination. The first part takes your mind on a journey to dissolve the fear. It enables your subconscious to do its work to recalibrate to understand the safety of flying. After all millions of people and flights are made safely every year around the world.

2. The second session is listened to while flying to keep your mind and body calm and relaxed so you can enjoy your trip. This session also includes support if the plane at any time hits a little turbulence. This allows you to remain calm and relaxed while the pilot does what they are trained to do, fly the plane safely to the destination.

Holidays are wonderful, we all deserve them. Flying is the chosen way to travel distance to the destination of your choice. Flying can open up your world and take you to those far away and exotic destinations you only see in the movies or in your mind. It can reunite family and friends as you travel to reconnect with those you haven’t seen for far too long.

Imagine how brilliant it would be if you could choose a destination, plan with excitement and look forward to the flight and trip. You can, because you deserve it. Do it for yourself, your partner and your family. Remove that awful fear today and start planning tomorrow. Fly with freedom forever.

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