Did you know your romantic relationships can affect your sleep? One of the most common emotions that can affect your sleep patterns is anxiety from either your current or past relationship.

A previous bad relationship can leave you with stress even though you may have ‘moved on’.

Even after you and a partner have decided to part ways, you may still be dealing with pent-up feelings from the relationship. Because we are physically most vulnerable when we are sleeping, we need to feel safe and secure. If during our sleep, old memories haven’t yet been appropriately processed and left behind, this can disturb our rest and sleep. It is vital after we breakup from a relationship we are able to put the memory, any regret or hurt, in the past.

There are ways to ensure that, no matter what happens in terms of your love life, you’re still doing everything you can to get your rest. Dissolving those pent-up feelings of anger, regret, loss, embarrassment or disregard, can all remain within us and our mind, causing sleep issues. We may not even be aware these feelings are affecting us. If, however, you are struggling with sleep issues, then a past relationship may be the reason, even if you feel you are truly over the ex.

If you are currently in a happy relationship, it doesn’t mean you will automatically have good sleep health. A physical connection with the one you love, such as a hug, kiss, or even sex, can calm your nervous system; decreasing stress and anxiety, thereby making it easier to fall and stay asleep.

Research Tells Us

According to new research, negative relationship experiences in early adulthood might have some unexpected effects on your sleep quality years later.

According to the Sleep Apnea Association millions of people suffer from sleep issues, including nights of tossing and turning. These results have been published in the Personal Relationships journal, suggesting that negative romantic relationship experiences can impact your sleep quality over the long-term. As if the negative relationship wasn’t bad enough now we suffer sleep issues years later.

There is a way to remove these past issues once and for all.  You can clear the baggage and become more calm, de-stressed, ready and open to move forward to develop a new and happier relationship that can last forever. At the same time, we can improve our sleep to allow greater energy, focus and positive thoughts, all from being able to finally sleep soundly, comfortably each night to rest mind and body. The fact your health can also improve from good sleep is an added bonus.

Grab your session now to either relinquish those old feelings you may retain or overcome the issues once experienced with this previous person. You can also get the incredibly successful Sleep session to enable your mind to slow down, empty and clear leaving you free to drift off to a comfortable night’s sleep.

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