Valentine’s Day is regarded as one of the most romantic days of the year. It is the day we express our love and desire to that special person.

Valentine’s Day is also the day that Men have the opportunity to demonstrate to their partner how romantic they are by showering her with love, gifts, and lavish amounts of poetic words. It is now also a day the woman can do something extra special for her man.

In 18th-century England, Valentine’s Day evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery and sending a greeting card (known as “valentines”). In Europe, Saint Valentine’s Keys are given to lovers “as a romantic symbol and an invitation to unlock the giver’s heart”.

While some people say they do not care about Valentine’s Day, most love to be spoilt and thought of on this day. It is no more a ‘marketing ploy’  than mothers or fathers day when you think about it.  Valentine’s Day has always been a day for lovers to stop, do something special for their loved one to make them feel spoilt and considered. In today’s busy world, this is so important. We are all so busy, more now than ever before, and we can omit to show or tell our special person how much we care, love and appreciate them. Valentine’s Day enables this to happen.  Can you do something special other days, weeks or months, I genuinely hope so, however, this one day a year is the day set aside to spoil that special person and to be spoilt. It is also a day when you can tell that person your true feelings for them.

How then can Men ensure they make this Valentine’s Day, one she will always remember.

How can he display romance and love to his partner? How can he guarantee this Valentine’s Day will be romantic for them both?

Some of the ways to avoid the disaster include:

  • not using a voucher for a discount meal
  • go somewhere that he needs to shower, shave and dress in his finest attire
  • be prepared by giving thought prior to the day
  • not to purchase flowers from the local supermarket or garage
  • never just write on a Valentine’s card or flower delivery card, To …. Happy Valentine’s Day, Love ….

Planning in advance is essential. He doesn’t need to go to expense. That romantic candle-lit meal can be enjoyed at a fine restaurant, at home or as a picnic. Whatever he decides to do to spoil the woman of his dreams needs to be special, needs to be thought out and needs some effort included.

This is romance. The thought and preparation that ensures he has and is, thinking of her, not just on Valentine’s Day but also days prior which is indicated by his planning. While women love the elegant restaurant meal; an arranged candle lit dinner at home, or prepared picnic basket somewhere quiet and romantic would win because this means thought and consideration.

No Devices Please

Make sure when enjoying that romantic night, refrain from all social media and technology, unless of course, it is to post on social media your amazing date, just to make friends jealous. The focus is on her. The focus is on each other.

When arranging or purchasing her flowers make an effort to ensure a respected florist delivers a beautiful flower or flowers to her. If purchasing some yourself then spending a little money on this day is surely worth the feelings and memories it will create.

Writing a few personal words of love or a poem will make her heart melt. He can even use a passage he has found and changed it to make it personal for her. Never leave it up to the florist to compose a verse, it is your gift to her. You can get great love poems and verses to use Here.Valentine's Day Romance

While every girl loves jewellery, this is not required. Feeling spoilt by this amazing man that has taken the time to think of her, to make an effort to arrange something special and has thought of her first and foremost will make this Valentine’s Day the best day ever.

This is the Valentine’s Day she will always remember, and the Valentine’s Day she will boast about to all her friends.


A few tips for him to guarantee he wins her heart :

Be organised, arrange to take her to somewhere fabulous. Perhaps that renowned restaurant she always wanted to go. The choice of restaurant should have Intimate surroundings, soft music, low lights. Many restaurants have special Valentine’s Day dinners with a mood set just for romance, find one of these and book it.


  • If on a budget, arrange a candlelit dinner at home or a romantic picnic with a blanket, a bottle of bubbles and a prepared meal or picnic. Cooking it yourself will add to that special moment as she appreciates the time and effort he has made.
  • Having flowers delivered early in the morning to set up her anticipation for the romantic day ahead melts every woman’s, heart.
  • He can also have flowers sent to her work as every woman loves to boast about her incredibly thoughtful man.
  • Write a short poem to express your feelings and unrelenting love. Just a few personal words will make her melt. This can be written on a card or as a note from the florist delivered with flowers. A few short lines are enough to express your love for her.

The key to a magical Valentine’s Day is preparation and consideration. If you as the man believe Valentine’s Day is rubbish and only a scam to make people purchase flowers and cards, think again. Isn’t that the same as mother’s day, father’s day, easter eggs, and on it goes. It may be a marketing tool yet it represents the one day where it is expected and accepted to share and express your true love, respect and admiration for the person you have chosen to be with. It is the day to express those emotions and respect to your special person.

Is it wrong to only show your mother or father love, respect and appreciation on Mother’s or Father’s day? I it wrong to ignore these days because you believe it is a marketing play; of course not. The argument therefore that Valentine’s Day is just a marketing ploy is rather mute. It was around long before shopping centres opened.

Forget what You think. This is about what your partner would love, what they desire, not about what you believe. If some effort and consideration will spoil her and make her happy, do it. This is thoughtfulness, love and kindness; those qualities that melt the heart of every woman.

And for Woman?

Well, that is usually so very easy. Bottle of his favourite wine or spirit, lingerie and yes, that is about it, simple!!!

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