With so many people struggling to retain quality relationships, is it any wonder the majority of us are turning to a furry friend to fill the void of love?

I work with many couples struggling through relationship and communication issues and while my new book Communication Harmony can fix most of the issues, I wonder the reason so many are moving toward single status preferring the love of their beloved pooch instead.

If people only knew how quickly and easily, they could resolve communication issues within their relationship would they be happier with a human (a good choice human) rather than a pet?

Finding a person to love and share your life with can be so completely fulfilling but only when you understand how to converse with them and eliminate every conflict and argument.  For those yet to learn this skill or not yet read Communication Harmony to learn, then perhaps living with you pet is easier and far less hurtful. While I believe we are destined to connect with a partner and enjoy delirious happiness, too many fail to know how to create this euphoric life with a human partner of your selection and choice. Those who want to keep or meet a partner for life, please ready Communication Harmony to remain happy in love. For those who are no longer interested in a love partner please consider the Pros and Cons of Pet or Partner.

Pros for a Pet Instead

  • You can select one easily, they always love you back
  • Your pet accepts you even on bad mood days
  • You don’t have to make an effort to look good
  • Your pet doesn’t care what you eat if you stay out late or play around with alternative substitutes (humans only).
  • You can whinge, yell and swear about your family and your pet doesn’t care and still loves you
  • They don’t expect great presents
  • They forgive you instantly regardless of what you did or didn’t do
  • The only effort you make is to play with them when it suits you
  • There is never an argument over bills or payment
  • They won’t chastise you for overspending
  • They don’t eat much nor particularly care what they consume
  • YOu don’t argue with them
  • Your social media posts get more likes
  • You can snuggle up in bed every night and be affectionate without any pressure for sex

Cons for choosing a Pet over a Partner

  • No regular sex (well that is wrong as we know) with a person you know well
  • They may smell a bit, although some partners may as well
  • Can’t have them on your arm on a date night, but perhaps in your bag instead
  • Difficult to take into a movie
  • Holidaying with them is selective with 5-star resorts frowning on a pet
  • Can’t include their income when applying for a loan
  • Picking up their poop can be tiresome
  • No Medicare for pets, costs can be excessive (but so worth it)
  • People think you are weird
  • Conversations may be somewhat limited
  • More complicated if you want kids

Although I am deliriously happy with my gorgeous husband of the past almost 20 years, reading through the Pros and Cons may make anyone question life choices (everyone except me that is).

Whatever you decide works best for you, good luck. You deserve happiness with whatever choice you make.

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