A recent article in BusinessToday stated that relationships are the most important thing in business.

We have likely heard this previously, but what exactly does this mean – relationships in business? Does that mean hard work, profits, and customers are less important than our business relationships?

Within any business, we usually have staff, customers, and suppliers. Healthy relationships are needed to have a functional and profitable business and continued business growth.

We know if staff are unhappy, customers are often unhappy. If relationships with suppliers are strained, often the supply chain collapses or is challenged.

We hear a lot about the importance of developing business relationships, but where do we find out the best information on creating and nurturing relationships that can work? How can we ensure our business relationships are healthy and operational? How can we teach and guide our staff to develop these relationships and respond in productive, not reactive ways? There is a way.

Strategies to ensure all your relationships are happy and conflict-free

My recent book titled Communication Harmony has these answers. Not only can you learn to lead every conversation to get the outcome you want, but you also learn the three secret power words to ensure every conversation you have is conflict-free, agreeable and positively resolved. Yes, you can achieve this.

After more than 20 years of counselling individuals and couples, kids, teachers, customer service staff and management on achieving this, I wrote it in a book. The strategies and techniques work fast, effectively, and every time.

Regardless if you want to have a conflict-free and happy relationship with your partner, no arguments with the kids or work colleagues, or if you want to satisfy every customer’s expectation and resolve any issue they bring up, you can.

The information in Communication Harmony explains how we each process the world differently, how to figure out how you process, and how other people do as well. With a few questions, it quickly teaches you to determine others processing style. You quickly learn the words to use to ensure you connect and are understood, along with the three secret power words to turn every conversation into a win for you. There is a quick and simple test to take to answer these questions. Imagine being able to lower the other persons emotional level, regardless of how upset or angry they appear. Imagine having them become engaged to listen and comply with your words. You can.

Communication Harmony explains how to spot a lie someone is telling you, how to change the other person’s mindset quickly and easily, and how to guide the conversation for the outcome that is beneficial to you and hopefully to them. It’s all there.

Train Staff to Ensure Customers are Happy and Return

For those workplaces wanting more personal training, please just drop me an email for a prospectus. I regularly attend workplaces to conduct mediation and educational training to have everyone get along well, learn to develop relationships easily, communicate brilliantly, and learn all these essential skills. Happy employees, happy workplace.

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