Every January we start off the year with great intentions to succeed in our new year’s resolutions…but how can we make sure we achieve them this year?

From getting in shape to travelling more, losing weight, getting healthier or reaching that financial goal. We all set them, yet research tells us more than 90% of us fail to achieve our resolution goal.

Most of us will be making a New Year’s Eve resolution tonight, amidst the fireworks and festivities.

Some of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions we make include:

1. Improve your fitness & lose weight

We all know that regular exercise has more health benefits than anything else out there. Studies have shown that improving your fitness also enhances your mood, mental health and reduces the risk of some cancers. With more than 60% of Australian adults considered overweight or obese making the resolution to reduce weight and get healthier at new year is a great time to start.

 2. Eat Better

It’s not about working out required, it’s all about the combination of eating better and keeping up your movement. Cutting out junk snacks, eating smaller portions and adding in more wholesome, farm-fresh foods are a great place to start. We all know it is all about starting with your mind to really be successful.

 3. Quit smoking

If this is the year you kick out your smoking habit, there are plenty of over the counter nicotine replacement therapies. While research tells us most of these seem to fail, we know absolute than Hypnotherapy can annihilate smoking in one hour. If you genuinely want to quit smoking, use a hypnotherapy session to succeed easily and immediately.

 4. Quit or lessen drinking

Like trying to quit smoking, many heavy drinkers fail to quit without a set plan or support. Making a decision to have 3 or 4 alcohol-free days a week can work enormously well for most everyone. Deciding to do a hypnotherapy session to change the way you think about drinking can bring fast success. It is our thoughts and mind that encourage us to drink, how wonderful would it be to turn off those negative influences and mind voices.

5. Meet Someone Special

Make 2019 the year you meet that special someone. You don’t have to be the kind of person who can just start chatting to someone as there are plenty of online options to help you find a partner. Use the ones you pay for, not the free ones as they are often filled with questionable people. The paid sites match you with specific likeminded people to save you considerable time searching. Having a set criterion also helps cut out a lot of dubious connections.

6. Get out of debt

The average credit card per person in Australia is almost $5,000, which results in $800 interest per year on most credit cards. This is the reason this is a popular resolution. Getting out of debt is a great way to gain control over your finances, reduce stress and increase your borrowing power for a tangible asset. By using the power of your mind in adjusting your thoughts about money and wealth, can attract money to you like never before.

7. Spend more time with friends and family

Many people acknowledge that despite the significant presence of social media sites, the necessity for face-to-face interaction between friends and family is a very beneficial resolution. We need direct social interaction for our mental, emotional and physical health. Making an effort to catch up with someone has enormous value for each of us.

How then can we keep our resolutions?

There are a few steps to ensure our resolutions are indeed achieved. Just stating them and hoping they occur never works, we must be diligent and set in motion the plan and steps to achieve them.

The 5 Steps to succeed in achieving your New Year Resolution

  • Set the one main goal you desire – make sure you set one main resolution. Many resolutions end in overwhelm and failure.
  • Create a realistic time frame to achieve this – this is the planning stage. For instance, if you want to lose 10 kilo, plan on reducing 1kilo a week, or 150grams a day. Day by day you achieve this, weighing in each week to see how well you are going. Remember, weight loss is more about your mind than your body.
  • Write down your NY resolution and display in a public place to see it daily – when we do this we are reminded each day and it stays in the forefront of our mind.
  • Determine the steps you need to fulfil the goal –  download your Free Resolution Book to set you on the right path to success. It is all in the planning by setting the steps to create success.
  • Involve others to keep you accountable – when we share our resolution with others we are held more accountable. We can also involve and share our resolution with another, so we keep on track easier.
  • Imagine the goal as achieved – visualise each night before sleep that you have achieved your resolution. Visualise it, see it, hear it, feel it. By doing this we attract what we imagine, and the goal or resolution becomes easier.

Remember – A goal with no plan is just a wish

Please click the link below to receive your FREE New Year Resolution planner. This will make setting your resolution easier.

We can go against those statistics and be successful. It is all in the planning. Good luck with achieving your success and goal.

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