We all make them, we just don’t usually keep them

The most common New Year resolutions people make, yet often fail to keep are:

  • Lose weight
  • Stop Smoking
  • Become fitter and healthier
  • Relieve my anxiety and relax more
  • Get out of debt, start saving money
  • Reduce the amount of alcohol I consume
  • Find a better job I like with  more money
  • Organise myself and my life better

The reason so many of us fail is we often set far too many changes or resolutions. We need to set one, maybe two maximum. If for instance, you want to stop smoking, this can be done within 1 hour using Virtual Hypnotherapy. So you have knocked that one off, next one may be to lose weight or get out of debt.

Making sure you have not only your goal but your steps, and the ways to achieve the result, as this is usually what we miss, preventing us from achieving our desired goal.

Attached here is the way you can organise yourself to achieve the resolution you make. Use this information to help you succeed. You can do this.

Ways to help you achieve your resolutions include:

  1. set the goal you want
  2. create a realistic time frame to achieve it
  3. determine the steps you need to take
  4. write it down and display publicly to keep reminding yourself
  5. involve others to keep you accountable
  6. Imagine it as achieved

Our imagination is amazing. When we imagine something as achieved we naturally tend to gravitate toward that result, so it makes it a reality.

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Remember – A goal with no plan is just a wish

I look forward to hearing your success. Just watch the video and get ready to succeed this year.

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