How do we know if we have truly found Real Love?

Real love is a wonderful commitment that two people make to love and cherish the other person and always make each other happy. It is different to Lust, different to Infatuation and very different to Ownership of another.

We ‘choose’ that special person to share our most intimate thoughts and secrets with because they will always be there with us, always there to pick us up and support us when we feel low or sad and always there to share in our excitement and happiness. They often place us first, ensure we are happy, comfortable, and need for nothing, even if this means they go without. And they do this always, not just at the start but we are assured and confident they will do this, as we will, every single day, every single week or every single year of our life together. You can discuss, listen and understand each other’s perceptions, opinions, and beliefs without judgement. You set the stage for truth and honesty because you can both disclose without fear.

While most of us would love to believe that a good relationship will always be smooth and easy, the truth is people are not perfect, difficulties and misunderstandings can sometimes occur. We may sometimes be irritable, say the wrong thing at the wrong time or fail to say that right thing when you are supposed to. We may unintentionally hurt each other at times, feel selfish when you should not, or fail to consider their needs and feelings over your own at times.

Then there are those times when we can look into each other’s eyes, smile and know, this special person you share your life with, is so amazing and incredible. You know that feeling when you both come home, say hello, ask about their day, sit and cuddle together; this is pure bliss and just makes everything right.

Love is our strongest emotion; a commitment that grows to make your relationship stronger regardless of circumstances you face. Your relationship should make you both a better person, a stronger person, happier, focused on your future plan together. It makes you feel like you can do anything and achieve everything with support and love you share for each other.

You feel immersed in them, absorbed by them; loved, wanted, needed. You feel content, understood and euphoric in this relationship.

To feel not only love for that person but also for how this person makes you feel; better, happier, safer, stronger than you have ever felt before. If you can grow together and individually every day, feel invincible, loved, lucky, secure; able to tackle anything, solve whatever may present, then you have truly found that special person who is ‘the one’ for you.

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