Imagine if you were an old person now and looked back at your life.Would you have spent more time Being not Doing…

Look back at what you did, how you lived, how you responded and reacted to others and events, the effort you placed onto certain things. Would you be happy with all that or would you have done something different?

Hindsight, of course, is a wonderful thing, yet I am wondering if we can start to use this hindsight now, in our current life. Can we measure the importance and necessity of doing all these things now or can we start to understand these pressures are what we are often placing on ourselves and creating this overwhelming feeling of anxiety so many of us experience most everyday?

We all do it. We are all doing it more and more and the toll it takes on us, our family and our life is incalculable.

If we could spend more time just being the person, we are, being the person we want to be, enjoying the little things we enjoy with those we love being with, surely life would be better, happier and more fulfilling.

How then do we start to move this into being instead of doing, after all, we all need to do so much – or do we?

Sure we have a life, a job, a family…. But do they all need to rely on us or can they start to learn and strengthen their own ability to start doing things for themselves.

So many of us try to be all things to all people and all this does is wear us down. Then we feel stressed, anxious and a failure because we could not sustain this pressure we have placed upon ourselves.

When was the last time you sat quietly in a park, lay on the grass looking up at the clouds, had a quiet, warm soak in the bath or did something just for fun? We must be us, we need to be, not just do. This has to occur and often happen so we can recharge and continue our busy schedule. If we burn out, as so many so often do, we are no good to anyone, let alone ourselves.

Please take a moment or two, sit quietly, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and imagine yourself in older years looking back at your life as it is today. See yourself from your older eyes. What advice would you give your younger self, what wisdom would you pass to your younger self, what learning would you tell your younger self? See how you looked back at different stages of your life. See yourself as a younger child, the pressures you felt then compared to how you would do things differently now. If we can imagine, this can become our new reality with new insights and understandings. Rely on yourself to find answers rather than others, certainly be guided but you know you and your life. You know what you feel and what you want and need, use this to your advantage to make those adjustments for you.

Take this wisdom that you have within, listen to what you subconscious tell you. Make those changes you need to make to balance your life better, to do those things you love to do, take the unwanted or un-needed stress away from yourself and just Be instead of always Do.


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