Have you ever wished you knew what someone was thinking? Have you ever wondered if their intent matches their words? Learning to read body language gives you super-power, putting you into the divers’ seat in any conversation.

Being able to read Body language is a fantastic way to find out more about those people with whom we interact. Reading people’s nonverbal body language behaviour puts you in charge. You can learn how to use the power of body language, facial expressions, and other nonverbal cues to have more authentic, effective, and meaningful relationships. Learning to understand the subtle changes in others body language can speak volumes about what they think and how they feel, regardless of their words.

Research tells us that most of our communication takes place on the non-verbal level. A proportion is conveyed by voice in what we say and the way we say it and by facial expression and body language. The human body is said to be capable of producing more than 700,000 different movements and expressions.

Phrases like ‘how looks can kill’ and ‘don’t look at me like that’, even ‘that just looks creepy’ are some of the expressions we use describing what we see from another person’s body language. Shrugging shoulders, eye rolls, hands-on-hips, all give us a signal of meaning – but is this perception correct?

How do we tell a super-hero from a super-villain?

It’s all in their body language displays and facial expressions. It’s not their suits.

Body Language is the conscious and subconscious movements and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicated. It is a form of non-verbal communication, where thoughts, intentions and feelings are conveyed by physical actions, such as facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eye movement and tone of voice. It is well recognised that much of our non-verbal communication speaks loudly without using words.

Human beings frequently speak faster and higher when excited or emotional. We also become louder and often without even noticing. One person can lead the tone of any discussion. When you can learn to lead the conversation and use specific influential body language techniques, others reciprocate tone and mannerisms. Combine this with correct language and words so you become an instant influencer and successful communicator.

Learning to Read Body Language Like an Expert

It is a good idea to learn how to read the other person’s body language to recognise if they are closed or open, friendly or aggressive, truthful or lying. We can usually quite easily understand if a person is having a down day or if they feel enthusiastic. We know from their body language and facial expressions if someone is scared, in fear, happy, angry, excited, in fact, we all have the inbuilt ability to read a lot about a person without them saying a single word.

It is the gestures, postures and facial expressions by which a person displays various physical understand their body language. A look, a movement or a gesture may have many meanings individually. We then place our meaning on this, and we mind-read, assuming what the person is thinking and believing. Unfortunately, we often get this wrong.

While there are some basic tell-tale signs, looking at one isolated gesture may not always mean what we think it means. Communication is a continuous multisensory process where ones’ entire body provides communication with words, personal appearance, gestures, posture and tone.

We each have so much power in how we communicate just by using body language techniques. Combine this with specific words, ability to ask the right question and giving the exact and appropriate response is the ultimate way to create an incredible connection.

Have you ever wondered what these body language messages mean?

  • Arms crossed over the chest.
  • Hand placed on the cheek.
  • Head tilted to one side
  • Touching or rubbing your nose
  • Placing the tips of the fingers of both hands together, called ‘steepling’
  • Rubbing the hands together
  • Palms open, facing upward
  • A seated person has their legs crossed towards you
  • Crossed ankles while standing or sitting
  • Seated facing you with their face resting on hand
  • Standing up straight and shoulders back
  • Standing with one arm crossed in front of them
  • Stroking of the beard or chin
  • Pulling of the ear
  • Playing with hair

These are just some of the many body language messages we use subconsciously. All these convey a different meaning and have a different message.

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